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Long-distance parenting requires careful planning

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | Visitation

For some parents, holidays are special times, not only because they are having fun celebrating the events, but because they get to spend time with their children. Long-distance parenting is filled with long periods without having your children with you. If you are in this position, school breaks might be welcome havens with your kids. We know that you only want to raise your children and have a good relationship with them.

There are times when questions about when you will have the children might creep up. For example, if the school system changes the break schedule, it might mean that it doesn’t mesh with the parenting time schedule. We can help you review the options that you have for handling these situations.

In many cases, both parents can work together to come up with a visitation schedule that puts the children’s best interests first. If you are able to compromise with your ex, you can probably get everything worked out faster and with less expense.

Some parents might need to go back to court to get a new parenting plan worked out. This isn’t the preferred way to handle things for most parents; however, when compromise isn’t possible, it becomes necessary.

No matter which position you are in, we can help you assert your side of the matter. We realize that you only want to spend time with your children and do what’s best for them. We are here to help you determine what options you have and then come up with a plan to work toward your goals.

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