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Extracurricular activities can pose child custody challenges

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2019 | Child Custody

The parenting plan that you work out with your ex has to be one that is based on your child’s needs. This can be especially challenging when you have a child who is involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. The issue here is that the child’s schedule might not be as flexible as a child who isn’t that involved. We know that this is a situation that can be hard to work through.

The scheduling matter is one that you will have to work out when you are dealing with this. It is a lot easier if you and your ex live near each other. This might be a situation where one parent drops the child off, and the other picks them up. The more willing you and your ex are to work as a parenting team, the better your child is likely to fare.

Another issue that might come up is the financial commitment that comes with some activities. It should be clear which parent is going to pay what expenses. This must be included in the parenting plan so that there aren’t any questions about what must happen.

You also need to think about what conditions will be put on the child’s extracurricular activities. For example, some parents might require that their children only participate in activities if they are taking care of their schoolwork.

We know that there are sometimes challenges that come up with these situations, but finding ways that you can work through these can benefit the children. Try to do this in an expeditious manner so that the kids can have stability through both homes.

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