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Help your children to adjust to the changes divorce brings

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2019 | Child Custody

Now that school has started, your children are likely going through some major emotions. The new year and your divorce can weigh heavily on them. It might be a lot for them to handle right now, but you can help them with this so that they can thrive despite the difficult season they are in. Giving them the skills now to cope with change can benefit them throughout life.

One of the most important things to do is to listen to them. You have to hear the words they speak, but you also need to listen to the meaning behind them. Kids won’t always say what they mean. Instead, they sometimes give you clues into what they are feeling. For example, a child who says that their stomach hurts might actually have anxiety over the current situations.

You might also need to help them to understand that there are still things they can control. This might be small things like what color they want to paint their bedroom or what they want to bring for lunch. Giving them age appropriate control can sometimes keep them grounded because they realize that they are still their own person.

Another thing that can sometimes help is if you are able to keep some things in their life consistent. If you can work with your ex to come up with basic ground rules and a simple schedule that will go for both homes, your children might be able to adjust better. Even if this is only temporary, it can be a great help.

Make sure that you make positivity a focus in your home. Even though the divorce is challenging, it is also a time to start fresh.

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