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Everything doesn’t change after divorce if you have kids

When you go through a divorce, you need to know that there are major life changes coming. If you have children with your ex, some aspects of your life might not change as much as you think. One of these is that you will still have to remain in contact with your ex.

Your relationship with your ex has to shift from one that is romantic to one that is strictly present for the children. You will still need to make joint decisions for them, including those involving medical care and education.

You are also going to come into contact with your ex frequently. Your children will likely want to have both parents at major events, such as school plays, sports events and birthday parties. Graduations and parent-teacher conferences will also likely involve you and your ex.

It might be difficult to make the shift from romance to parenting only. Put the past where it belongs and focus on how everything can impact your children. They shouldn’t suffer just because their parents got divorced. They should still have stability and opportunities to thrive.

Another situation that can be difficult to navigate is when there are new significant others. Make sure that you keep your emotions in check when this happens. Your feelings might surprise you when you see your ex with someone else.

Having clear terms for communication, decision-making and bringing other significant others around the children is beneficial. You can include those in the parenting plan so that everyone has the exact same information. The goal is to reduce the stress that your children have to deal with because of the divorce.


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