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Plan for emergency school closures

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Child Custody

Parents who are divorced have many challenges to face. One of these is what they are going to do when the children don’t have school. Some of these times are easy to plan for because they are part of the school calendar. You have time to make the arrangements for the children. But, what happens if there is a sudden closure, like when there is inclement weather or something else happens?

You and your ex should have a contingency plan just in case school is cancelled unexpectedly. Maybe one parent is going to miss work to care for the children or the kids will go to a drop-in daycare or family member’s home. Knowing ahead of time what’s going on can help you to reduce the stress if it does happen.

It’s imperative that you and your ex work as a team to try to come up with the plan. This isn’t a time in which you should just allow things to play out however they will. Working as a team can make the situation much easier for everyone.

There might be times when you can’t come to agreements with your ex about how you will handle these situations. Unfortunately, waiting until it happens will only make the stress increase since you need to have a plan right away when the authorities call off school.

Writing out what’s going to happen for unexpected school closures can help in these cases. It can become a part of the parenting plan that governs what happens with your children. As your children grow up and mature, you and your ex can always modify the plan.

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