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What are the types of alimony available in Tennessee?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2020 | Alimony

If you’re going through a divorce in Tennessee, you may eventually have to address the issue of alimony, otherwise known as spousal support. The question of whether you will be ordered to pay alimony to your divorcing spouse will largely depend on your relative income, but the property division settlement will also play a factor. If you have a significantly higher income than your divorcing spouse, it is possible that you will be ordered to pay alimony for some time.

Four different types of alimony are available in Tennessee. The following is an overview of the purposes of each different type.

Lump-sum alimony

If you got a favorable outcome in the property division process, you may be required to pay a lump sum to your former spouse to make the financial situation more equal.

Alimony to rehabilitate

If your former spouse has been out of the workforce for a long period of time, they may need to get training so that they can be employable. You may be required to pay alimony until they are able to support themselves financially.

Alimony to help with the transition

You may simply need to pay alimony for a few months to help your spouse with the transition to their independent life following your divorce.

Long-term alimony

In rarer cases, you may need to pay alimony for many years. This could be true if your spouse is retired or unable to support themselves financially.

It is important that you make sure you understand how your situation will be impacted by alimony so that you can be strategic in your approach to divorce.

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