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Drive safely around school zones

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Injuries

Fall can be a particularly dangerous season to drive in Tennessee. Weather is constantly changing, the roads might be wet and animals are especially active. Another thing that can make fall driving more hazardous is the fact that schools are open again.

Watch out for little pedestrians

While the weather is still pleasant, a lot of kids may be walking or biking to and from their schools. Kids may also be walking to a bus stop that’s a block or two away from their house. That’s why it’s important for car drivers to be especially alert around school zones and residential areas during the fall.

No matter what time of day it is, drivers should watch out for foot traffic near school zones. Kids could be leaving school early, arriving late or going to and from after-school activities. Young pedestrians are less experienced around traffic, so careful driving is crucial to avoid pedestrian car accidents.

Respect school buses

If you’re on your way to work, getting delayed behind a school bus can be an inconvenience. However, you should never pass a stopped school bus. Doing this is illegal and endangers the lives of children that may be boarding or exiting the bus.

When a school bus has its red lights flashing and it’s stop sign arm extended, these are signs that drivers cannot pass. Never pass a stopped school bus, even if you don’t see any children and think you can go around safely.

Teach your kids about pedestrian and school bus safety

Walking to school or walking to the bus stop alone can make a child feel so independent and grown up. If your child or teenager is ready for this, make sure that they have learned about traffic safety first. For example, while waiting at a bus stop, kids should remember to stay five steps from the curb and wait for the bus to reach a complete stop.

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