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What to do after a bicycle accident

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Car Accidents

It’s frightening to get into a motor vehicle accident on a bicycle, but there are steps to take right after the incident. What a person does immediately after an accident determines how they recover damages in Tennessee.

First steps after motor vehicle accidents

After motor vehicle accidents involving bicycles, the first thing to do is move off the road. A person moving the damaged bicycle off the road prevents further confusion and harm. The cyclist should get the driver’s phone number and any witness’s numbers. An injured cyclist can ask a bystander to get the information for them. While gathering information, a person needs to take pictures of the license plate, the vehicle, injuries and damage to the bicycle.

Call the police

A person shouldn’t negotiate with the driver after the accident. Some drivers change their minds and say they weren’t even at the scene. A person should call 911 to notify the police of the accident. Even if there are no injuries, it’s important to notify 911. Sometimes, cyclists don’t feel an injury until hours later. Police will interview the cyclist, the driver and any witnesses at the scene. Police can ticket the driver, which helps when settling the case with the insurance company.

The final steps

It’s vital to write down all information about motor vehicle accidents involving bicycles. A person shouldn’t repair their bicycle or equipment and not clean the clothes from the accident until they’ve been thoroughly documented. A person should record any aftereffects such as muscle pain or headaches.

There are ways that bicyclists can avoid getting into accidents with cars. Some tips when riding a bicycle are to wear visible clothing, equip bicycle lights and signal in advance.

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