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Avoid these actions when fighting for child custody

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2016 | Child Custody

If you’re in the midst of a custody battle, you have probably thought that there is nothing you won’t do to win custody of your children. The problem is that there are a few things you shouldn’t do if you are fighting for custody. Critical mistakes can be made that could affect the outcome of a custody case. Don’t do the following:

— Don’t lie: It is important that you do not lie to the court, your attorney or a custody expert. Many parents have embellished the truth or even tell all-out lies in the hope they can improve their positions. In most cases, the lies will be discovered and your credibility with the court will suffer.

— Don’t keep quiet: If you don’t understand what is happening, ask your attorney. You shouldn’t be quiet, hoping that the answers will appear. You deserve answers and it will help ease your level of stress.

— Don’t represent yourself: Retaining counsel for litigation in a child custody case may seem like money you can’t afford; however, a custody fight is very complex and the legal issues at work must be properly handled.

— Don’t violate a court order: The judge will remember. It won’t bode well for you when he or she makes his or her ruling.

— Don’t tell your children what to say: Depending on the judge and the court, a child might be interviewed during a custody case. It’s not wise to tell your child all the awful things that his or her other parent has done or generally speak poorly of the other parent. It’s obvious to the court and child custody experts that a child has been told what to say.

Child custody battles are highly charged, emotional undertakings. It’s important to maintain your composure and keep your own actions truthful and above reproach. Your Tennessee attorney can help you understand how to proceed.

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