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Employer reporting can help with child support cases

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Child Custody

New hire reporting is one way that the state can keep track of non-custodial parents who start a new job. Anytime a person starts a new job, the employer has to report the new employee through the Tennessee New Hire Reporting Program. There are several benefits of this system that everyone should realize.

When you are ordered to pay child support, that support comes out of your paychecks. This means that it is easier for your child support obligations to be fulfilled when your employer puts your information into the system.

While not all non-custodial parents try to dodge child support obligations, those who do place a burden on the public assistance system and the custodial parent. The reporting program helps to alleviate that issue since it makes it easy for the state to locate non-custodial parents who need to pay child support.

The custodial parents are more likely to get child support in a timely manner if the non-custodial parent’s employer does use the new hire reporting program promptly. This also cuts back on the need for the custodial parent to rely on public assistance to provide for the child’s needs.

If you have a child custody order, you must ensure that you are paying it on time and as ordered. Even if you change jobs, your need to follow the order doesn’t change. If you find that the child support order needs to be changed, you might need to seek a modification. Learning about the criteria for modifications and knowing how the process works can help you to decide if this is a step you need to take.

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