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Major life changes might necessitate custody modifications

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Child Custody

Child custody agreements are meant to govern how parents handle common issues that come up with raising a child when they are no longer in a relationship. The custody agreement puts the child’s best interests first. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that as the child grows or as major changes occur, the child custody agreement might need to be changed. A change to a child custody agreement is called a child custody modification. We can help you to determine if the circumstances in your life warrant a child custody modification. If they do, we can help you learn about getting the modification you need.

One thing that might lead to a child custody modification is the age of the child. What works for a child who is in elementary school might not be appropriate once the child is in high school. In some cases, a child’s active extracurricular schedule might mean that the child custody agreement needs to be updated. Generally, the maturation of the child would lead to modifications if the current agreement is detrimental to the child’s life.

Another point that can lead to a modification is a major life change. If a parent is moving out of the area or has a change of employment that makes the current schedule difficult to follow, a modification might be in order.

In some cases, violations of the current order might lead to changes. This can be a complicated matter to address, but we can help you to learn about your options for dealing with a parent who isn’t following the agreement.

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