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Use these simple tips to make the most of co-parenting

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2018 | Child Custody

Having to live your life full of stress isn’t a good situation for anyone. Unfortunately, many co-parents find that they are having to deal with some very tense situations just because of the situation. In these times, it is best to remind yourself of some simple tips that can make things a bit easier.

Picking your battles is critical in these cases. You need to decide what is truly worth fighting over. It might help you to think about how your ex’s actions and yours are impacting your children. As long as what the other parent is doing isn’t harming your child or putting them in danger, it might be best to just walk away from the situation.

The basis of a co-parenting relationship is mutual respect. When both parents take the time to realize that the children are the focus of the arrangement, this is easier. Neither parent should speak negatively of the other parent while the children are around, or any other time.

There might be times when some changes to the parenting time schedule are necessary. Remaining flexible when possible can help your children tremendously, especially when the requested changes are things the children will enjoy. For example, allowing your ex to take the kids to a special event even if it is your night with them allows them to build memories that they might enjoy.

Be willing to share memories with your ex. When you are on vacation or doing something with the children, they are going to be excited. While you don’t have to take pictures specifically for your ex, you should send over ones that might help them to be able to enjoy the child’s recall of the events.

Just because your marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful co-parents. Take the time to work out a parenting plan that suits the current situation and be willing to make changes as necessary.

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