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Resolving custody can be done through teamwork

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Child Custody

If you have found yourself in a child custody dispute because you and your ex disagree on what is best for your children, you may think that you’ll need to take an aggressive approach and challenge them in court. While this may be the case in some circumstances, you should first consider whether you can work together to come to an agreement.

Child custody disputes can be resolved informally if both parents are willing to engage in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings, The following is an overview of the options you have if you want to try to resolve your curtsy dispute out of court.

Mediation and collaborative family law

You may have success with going through the process of mediation. The mediator can have an active role in the decision-making process, but their decisions will not be binding, so they can simply serve as guidelines. Collaborative family law serves a similar role and makes it possible for other family members to have a say in the outcome.


While arbitration is not a common option for family law cases, it does offer a more structured option. The neutral third party listens to both sides of the case and makes a decision. This decision does not need to be final, because the case can still be taken before a court if it is not resolved.

If you are not sure which route to take to solve your child custody dispute, you should think about the attainability of your desired outcome and whether you would be willing to compromise. Sometimes, clear communication and negotiation can resolve many of the issues you have with a custody plan.

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