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December 2015 Archives

What are my visitation rights?

Custody and visitation rights are a common area of concern for divorcing fathers or those who have fathered children outside of marriage and want to continue the relationship with the child. While they are very closely intertwined, custody and visitation are really two separate issues. Understanding what your rights are as a father in these cases is the first step toward getting a court order established.

Rutherford loses custody, banned from traveling with children

After three years of court battles and allegations of parental kidnapping, the custody fight between actress Kelly Rutherford and Daniel Giersch is over. The Monaco courts awarded Giersch full custody of the children and limited the actress's visits to the countries of France and Monaco. Giersch and the two children have been living for the last few years in Monaco. Rutherford will be able to see the children at certain times outlined in the court order, including the Christmas holidays this year.

Holidays are important for kids in divorces

Holidays are supposed to be happy times, filled with light and laughter and the joys of the season of giving that for most comes only once a year. Unfortunately, for many children whose parents are separated, the stress of divorce and its consequences can render holidays very unhappy for many kids. Recognizing that and taking steps to deal with it is important for the lives of the kids.

Prenuptial agreements: Not only for the super rich

If you and your marriage partner feel comfortable with the idea, a prenuptial agreement is a great idea for every marriage, no matter how wealthy the individuals happen to be. The fact is, prenuptial agreements just make sense and if two people joined in matrimony truly love one another, they will want to ensure that if a divorce becomes necessary, it will be handled easily, quickly and peacefully. This is exactly what a prenuptial agreement can achieve.

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