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August 2015 Archives

Women are more likely than men to file for divorce

While data as far back as the 1940s has shown that women are more likely than men to file for divorce, a recent student presented by a Stanford University professor indicates that it may be for a different reason than most have thought. Previously, researchers assumed that women were more likely to initiate a breakup in any relationship because they were reportedly more sensitive to relationship problems.

Rutherford makes public statement after latest ruling

Now that actress Kelly Rutherford was forced to return her children to Monaco and continue her quest to have the children permanently relocated to the United States, she has continued to give many interviews and public statements on the case. These have included publicly refusing to send the children back to Monaco, accusing the children's father of parental alienation and giving interviews calling the court's ruling "shocking" and "illegal."

Complicated property distribution

Property division is an issue no divorced couple can escape from. While some couples may have a prenuptial agreement that makes things more straightforward, others may be locked in a dispute over who gets what for months. During a time when it feels like everything you know is changing, it's normal to want to hold on to the property and assets you've acquired during your marriage.

What is reasonable visitation?

While standard visitation used to mean that the noncustodial parent had the children once a week during the evening and every other weekend, visitation schedules have evolved and are often much more generous. One common phrase heard in family law cases is the idea of "reasonable visitation," but it's important to understand just what this means and how it applies to your case.

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