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Find your joy this holiday season, even if you are alone

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2017 | Divorce

Thinking about having to spend the holiday season without your children with you is something that most parents don’t find pleasant. Many parents have to deal with this throughout at least a part of the holiday season because they have to abide by the child custody schedule.

For parents who are feeling down because of this, there is a need to find joy in the season. The way you do this depend on what types of activities that you enjoy. Here are some suggestions you can use whether this is your first holiday season since your marriage ended or have been through this before:

Make plans with your children

You need to make plans with your children when they will be with you. The important thing about the holiday season is that you make memories with them. Don’t try to force them to do things just because you will enjoy them. Instead, find things that everyone will enjoy so that you have nice memories to go along with the nice pictures that you are going to get. Also, remember to check the child custody agreement to find out the exact dates and times you will have the children.

Find things to do when they are gone

Feeling blue when the children are gone is also possible. You should make plans with friends and family members or try to find new things to experience on your own. This gives you something to focus on so that you don’t feel alone. It also gives you the opportunity to figure out what activities you can pursue in your down time.

Don’t forget to focus on the reason for the season. You can help those who are less fortunate than you if you want a reminder of how much you have to be joyful about this holiday season.

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