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Parenting plans for long-distance parenting situations

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2019 | Child Custody

Many parents who divorce stay in the same area so they can be involved in their child’s life. There are also times when one parent has to move away, which can force the child to have a long-distance relationship. There are many things that can help the child in these cases, so you need to think carefully about what is going to work for your kids.

You must ensure that you are doing everything you can to encourage the relationship between you and your child. You need to find ways to continue building this relationship when the child is with the other parent. This can involve different methods, such as reading the child a bedtime story or helping with homework via video chat. You might also have frequent phone calls or texts with the children just to stay in touch. This helps the children to feel connected to you despite the miles between you.

Always prepare to make the most of the time you do have your child with you. This can be during the extended periods they are at your home or it might be surprise visits you make to them. You don’t have to try to fill every second with activities. Instead, plan some quiet time when you can just talk to the children and get to know them. Even something as simple as a family game night with popcorn and hot fudge sundaes can be a good tradition for the kids.

In the parenting plan for a long-distance situation, you need to include some key points. These include how travel will be handled, including the expenses for the child’s travel. You also need to set a plan for how the communication is going to be handled in all situations. Other points might apply to your situations, so be sure to think about what else you might need to set standards for.

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