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Rehabilitative spousal support payment considerations

You might think that you will automatically receive alimony when you divorce, especially if you were a stay-at-home parent. This isn’t necessarily the case. There are several factors that come into the picture to determine what type of spousal support you might be eligible for.

The chances of you receiving long-term alimony, which is sometimes deemed permanent alimony, is slim. This type is typically reserved only for people who have been married for a long time. Even though the name suggests it will continue in perpetuity, it ends if you get remarried, move in with a significant other, or your ex passes away.

For people who haven’t been married that long but opted to remain home with the children, there is the possibility of receiving rehabilitative alimony. This is meant to bridge the gap between the divorce and the time when you will once again be able to support yourself. You will have time to take education lessons or get job experience while getting spousal support.

You shouldn’t count on receiving alimony for very long. Typically, these payments will continue for half the length of the marriage at most. This means that a six-year marriage might lead to three years of alimony payments. The duration might be much shorter in the case of rehabilitative support payments.

Some people are able to work out an alimony payment agreement as part of their divorce settlement. This comes with some special considerations so be sure to find out how this might impact you. For some cases, a one-time alimony payment is the better option so they don’t have to worry about receiving regular payments from their ex.


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