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Decisions in parenting relationships must be based on the child

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Child Custody

Working with your ex over child custody matters can be complicated. Each adult likely thinks they know what’s best for the children, but these ideas sometimes don’t work together. It’s imperative that you try to make the parenting relationship as conflict-free as possible so that you can focus on raising children who can thrive.

This doesn’t mean that things will always be easy or peaceful. There are times when you’ll need to figure out how to handle situations with your ex. Taking the time to consider the options as they stand now and focusing on the current needs of the children may help.

It can be difficult to leave the past behind so that you can look at what’s going on now, but being able to do this can help you to focus on how your decisions will impact the children. You should never assume that what worked in the past will continue to work.

Assumptions are another big problem that can make child custody matter challenging. If there is something that you’re confused about or even just wonder if you’re taking things the wrong way, find out. Getting clarification is never a bad thing when you’re dealing with the children.

While you’re dealing with your ex, be sure that you’re remaining respectful and trying to avoid the “need to win” attitude. The only person who should be worried about winning in these cases is the children because they must remain the focal point. This should be reflected in the terms of the parenting plan, as well as in every interaction you have regarding your kids.

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