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Rehabilitative alimony in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Alimony

Many divorcing Tennessee couples have a conception that alimony will last for the rest of their lives, allowing one spouse to receive money from the other permanently. There is a type of alimony like that, but there is also an option that makes payments temporary. Rehabilitative alimony is a temporary support that lasts for a certain period of time.

Rehabilitative alimony helps one spouse gets back on their feet

The alimony system has different purposes. One is to equalize a disparity in the standard of living between the two spouses when one earns far more than the other. Another purpose is to allow one spouse time to take steps to improve their own financial situation. This is called rehabilitative alimony. It recognizes that one spouse may bear the brunt of the divorce and may suffer financially for a time. They can receive money for some period while they work to become better self-supporting.

Rehabilitative alimony is limited in duration

During that time, they could look for a better job or go to school to get more work skills. The court or divorce agreement will put a time limit period on the rehabilitative alimony. Usually, this is a period of years. In most cases, you could expect that rehabilitative alimony will from 3-10 years. The receiving spouse will need to make a case for why they need it. This is the most common form of alimony. Indefinite alimony is rare in a Tennessee divorce.

If alimony is a possibility in the divorce, you should have an attorney on your side. This could have far-reaching financial effects for both spouses that could last for years. An attorney may represent your interests in settlement negotiations, or if your case goes in front of the judge. The stakes in divorces with alimony are high.

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