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Understanding and detecting identity theft

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Identity theft has become a bigger issue for Americans since the advent of high-speed internet. Thousands of Tennessee residents are at risk of having their information used without authorization. There’s personal information all over the internet, so it’s possible for someone to access key details like a person’s date of birth and Social Security number without the person knowing it. From there, an identity thief can open credit cards and access benefits in the person’s name.

Detecting identity theft

The way most people detect identity theft is to pay attention to their accounts. It’s recommended that people look over their bank and credit card statements each month. It’s also a recommended to request a work history report from Social Security every few years and check their credit report annually. It’s possible for everyone in the U.S. to get a free copy of theirs once each year. If a person finds unexpected or inaccurate information, they should contact the merchants and credit cards involved.

Being accused of identity theft

Anyone accused of identity theft needs to think about mounting a criminal defense strategy. It’s possible for someone to be accused of identity theft when they’ve actually done nothing wrong. For example, some parents will open credit cards in the name of their minor children to establish a credit history for them. This is totally legal. In other cases, someone may have power of attorney for an elderly relative and make financial decisions for them as permitted by law.

However, bank employees or other individuals might act suspicious of these situations. If someone is accusing you of identity theft or mismanagement of funds, it’s important to contact a criminal defense lawyer. They may be able to provide you with effective advice for handling the situation.

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