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Know when to report a car accident in Tennessee

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Injuries

Generally, major Tennessee motor vehicle accidents are reported to authorities because the damages or injuries are serious. Knowing when and how to report is necessary to receive proper compensation for the losses that have been sustained.

When to report

In any situation, you should report a car accident as soon as it happens. If the accident is a small one that causes a dent, it’s not necessary to call the police. If it leaves the car totaled, an officer needs to be called to the scene minutes after the crash happens.

If anyone is seriously injured, administer help first and call the medical emergency workers. After the scene has settled down, the next people to call are the police. An officer will arrive on scene, investigate the crash and make a police report.

The purpose of reporting

Failing to report car accidents makes it’s difficult or impossible to receive compensation for property damages and medical expenses. In a police report, the details of the accident are written down based on eyewitnesses. The report is accurate in determining who is at fault and how much the vehicle was damaged. An accurate report is needed to file a valid insurance claim. You also need this report to use as evidence when filing a personal injury lawsuit in court.

Work on your case right away

Thousands of car crashes occur each year in Tennessee. Imagine what would happen if no accident is reported to the police. A person who causes an accident would be charged with a hit and run upon leaving the scene. It’s necessary to report a car accident as soon as it happens and follow the general rules of filing a claim.

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