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Turning yourself in with a warrant

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Not knowing if you have a warrant that’s been issued for your arrest in Tennessee can be frightening. You might worry throughout the day whether you’re driving in town or you’re at home with your family as you never know when you’re going to be arrested. A way to deal with this situation is to turn yourself in so that you can get the information that you need about your charges, when you have to go to court, and the amount of your bond.

Where do you go to find out about a warrant?

The easiest way to find out if you have an arrest warrant is by going to your local police department. You can sometimes look online if your city or county offers this option. Another option would be to call the department. Keep in mind that some departments might not reveal this information as it could result in some people leaving the area and not being served for some time. This is when criminal law can take over as you could be charged for fleeing or evasion.

Is there a reason to turn yourself in?

One reason why you should turn yourself in is so that you no longer have to live in fear of being surprised by an officer and arrested. It sometimes looks better in the eyes of the court if you turn yourself in as well, which can sometimes play a role when it comes to sentencing if you’re convicted of the charges.

What to take?

You don’t need to take a lot of things when you turn yourself in aside from proper identification, contact information for an attorney or a bondsman, prescriptions, and devices that you need to function during the day. Cash is also allowed so that you can give it to a bondsman or so that you can use it to get items when you’re in jail.

If you think that you have a warrant, consider turning yourself in so that you can get the criminal process started and not live in fear of being arrested.

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