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Steps to take when divorcing

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Divorce

Spouses typically don’t wish to divorce, but exiting the marriage might be unavoidable. Divorce proceedings could be complicated, but proper preparations could make the process manageable in a Tennessee courtroom.

Making divorce preparations

Divorce proceedings involve more than both spouses making unsubstantiated statements. Each party should expect to provide the court with detailed information about their finances and other matters. For example, compiling several years of tax returns might be necessary when attempting to prove a financial situation.

Similarly, the spouses may organize paperwork and statements that reveal debt obligations. Dividing up marital assets is not the only focus of settlement negotiations. The parties might work towards agreements on who pays what debts. Determining how much debt the couple owes could prove challenging without statements from credit card companies, tax bills and other documentation.

Since both spouses will soon be single, planning for post-divorce life may be unavoidable. Taking such steps sooner rather than later could be advisable. Selling certain assets, such as an extra car or a family home, might make the transition less challenging. Also, devising a new budget may help someone previously reliant on a two-income household.

Additional preparatory steps

When someone divorces, it might be necessary to seek alimony payments. Even if there is a durational limit, the funds could prove extremely helpful if income opportunities are low. The support could provide a means of transitioning into a new life with a different budget after the divorce until the recipient becomes more self-sufficient after gaining new job experience or training.

Similarly, a spouse might need to detail all costs and expenses related to child care. Child support often becomes extremely helpful when caring for a young one. Accurate records could reveal the total costs and establish the amount necessary.

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