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Facts related to auto collisions

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Car Accidents

Many drivers may fear the unknown consequences of what may happen during a car crash. Others could feel more concerned upon reading accident statistics, as the data might reveal facts about fatalities and catastrophic injuries. Reviewing such statistics could point to the reasons why accidents happen in Tennessee. Examining the stats could lead some to become more defensive on the road.

Facts about motor vehicle crashes

A close examination of facts related to auto accidents may reveal surprising information. Some might be unaware that motor vehicle crashes rank as the leading cause of work-related deaths. Some drivers, such as truck and rideshare drivers, likely rely on their cars for a living. Others may need to spend a lot of time commuting to their workplace.

More than half of all working persons who died in a crash in 2020 did not hold a job that explicitly involved the operation of a motor vehicle. That figure might warn others that accidents could happen to those who do not spend a significant amount of time driving.

Defensive driving skills may reduce the risks of a crash. However, reckless drivers could make some accidents unavoidable.

Reckless driving and auto accidents

Many reasons may contribute to car accidents in Tennessee, including negligence. Speeding is one of the most common moving violations driver commit, often a factor in otherwise avoidable collisions. The same is true with drunk driving, as intoxicated drivers could lose control of their vehicles and cause fatal crashes.

Drivers whose negligence results in other people’s injuries could face a civil judgment. An auto insurance policy may cover some losses, but victims might find the insurance companies offer low settlement amounts. Serious negotiations may lead to a more reasonable financial award.

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