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Winter driving hazards

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Car Accidents

Although a commuter may wish to travel local roads in a routine manner, doing so could be a regrettable mistake. When winter arrives, driving conditions in Tennessee change. So, drivers may benefit from altering their behaviors behind the wheel to avoid accidents. Anyone who causes a crash by not adjusting to road conditions might face a lawsuit.

Winter driving

A road does not need to experience heavy snowfall piling up to become dangerous. Light rain, followed by a drop in temperature, could result in icy conditions. Speeding or weaving in and out of lanes on slick or slippery roads is dangerous. Committing such moving violations increases accident risks without poor weather conditions. Not caring about the conditions and violating traffic laws displays wanton recklessness.

Drivers could leave earlier to avoid the need to speed up. Remember, slowing down when the weather turns inclement may be necessary.

Prepping a car for the winter could make commuting safer. Purchasing winter tires may deliver additional traction that reduces the vehicle’s potential to slide. Another step involves replacing the windshield wipers or having the defroster system checked. A collision may be unavoidable if a driver cannot see through the windshield when snow or rain falls.

Reckless winter driving

Losing control of a vehicle because of impatience or aggression could cause deadly car accidents. Winter driving requires being additionally careful and looking out for everything from patches of ice to stalled vehicles. Sometimes, drivers might become distracted and not notice hazards, leading to a crash. Distracting driving, like reckless driving, may leave a driver liable for any harm inflicted on others.

Accidents caused by ignoring winter safety precautions could inflict catastrophic injuries, such as when a car drifts into oncoming traffic. Victims may seek significant compensation for their losses through an insurance claim or lawsuit.

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