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Signs it might be time to consider a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2023 | Divorce

Marriage takes work, but the effort should naturally come from both spouses. It should not feel forced or warped. Perhaps the thought of divorce has crossed your mind on more than one occasion, but you do not know whether you should pursue it. While it might be easier to get a divorce when your spouse has a reasonable and legal fault, there are other reasons your marriage is no longer healthy. Here are signs that it might be time to consider getting a divorce.

Abuse of any kind

Abuse comes in many forms. Physical abuse is the most evident type, but psychological and emotional abuse can permanently affect a person’s mental health. If your spouse constantly humiliates you in front of others or overly criticizes you in private, you should not tolerate it. You might also feel like you are looking for ways to trigger your spouse or make your spouse angry. The abuse might stem from unresolved issues in your relationship, although that still does not justify it.

Lack of affection or intimacy

Your marriage should not feel like a platonic relationship between two roommates living together. You and your spouse should have some degree of affection for each other. You must be able to communicate openly and be intimate. Mutual respect and trust are the foundations of a loving marriage. Neither of you should feel the need to avoid the other person, especially when sharing the same house. If you feel like there is a growing resentment between you, you should not ignore it.

You are staying for the kids

A marriage is a relationship between you and your spouse. Staying solely for the benefit of the children may harm them. Constant conflict and uncertainty may cause psychological damage to your kids.

You are staying for the money

In many marriages, one spouse takes on a supportive domestic role while the other works to pursue their career. The spouse becomes financially dependent on the breadwinner of the family. Fortunately, in Tennessee, the court may award you rehabilitative alimony. If you are afraid to divorce because you feel unsure about your future financial circumstance, know that the law can help you become self-sufficient and financially independent.

There is a reason the state allows married couples to pursue a divorce because of irreconcilable differences. It does not necessarily mean someone was to blame for the marriage failing, but maybe you have grown apart and out of love.

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