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The top 5 reasons for divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | Divorce

Tennessee residents certainly don’t go into marriage expecting to get a divorce. Unfortunately, things happen, and marriages end every day. With that in mind, experts compiled a list of the five most common reasons for couples to dissolve their marriages.


A study published in 2014 indicates that infidelity is to blame for approximately 55% of divorces. In addition to the short-term shock associated with finding out that your partner cheated, people also face long-term issues. Feelings of betrayal, anger and resentment often leave a marriage fractured beyond repair.

Tired of trying

When couples grow tired of putting effort into their marriages, they typically choose divorce. This lack of commitment often results in couples becoming unwilling to compromise, struggling to communicate and failing to show one another kindness.

Tired of fighting

Conflict resolution is an important part of marriage, as disagreements are a certainty. Unfortunately, couples sometimes fall into a pattern of arguing instead of working through their differences. Couples tired of non-stop arguments typically end their marriages because of “irreconcilable differences.”

Lack of preparation

Couples who go into their marriages without truly preparing for married life rarely stay together. Many couples report struggling to live with their spouse as the reason for their divorces. When spouses don’t prepare for marriage, they may find that they have different goals regarding children, finances and other factors.

Money matters

Experts agree that financial issues lead to more stress in marriage than any other type of problem that comes up. When couples become overwhelmed by financial issues, it’s difficult to focus on other important parts of their marriages. Financial stress leads to more arguments, resentment and a host of other problems.

These five reasons certainly aren’t the only reasons for divorce. However, when couples struggle with these issues, experts agree that divorce becomes a more popular choice.

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