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How to prepare your divorce to a narcissist

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce creates many challenges, which can intensify when your spouse is a narcissist. If you find yourself in this position in Tennessee, there are ways to prepare for the divorce, even before you speak to your spouse, that can help you navigate the often-complicated path in this situation.

Before the divorce

Even before you broach the topic of divorce with your narcissist spouse, you should begin preparations. These preparations include:

  • Gathering all relevant financial documents
  • Creating a team of legal, financial and mental health professionals to guide and support you during the divorce
  • Seeking alternative lodging if you feel threatened

During the divorce

During the process of divorce, you will need to be careful how you approach the situation as a narcissistic spouse might want to manipulate you emotionally. If you are suffering from physical or emotional abuse, you might also seek orders of protection against your spouse. Also, ensure that your legal representative is aware of everything and will be ready to vigorously represent you. During this time, you should keep extensive records of all interactions with your spouse, such as calls, emails and texts, which can also become evidence of their behavior during your divorce case. Try to communicate with your narcissistic spouse through your divorce lawyer as much as possible. Finally, during this period, you might also want to seek the support of mental health professionals who can help you through the emotional rollercoaster of this type of divorce.

Divorce to a narcissist can be very contentious. Many times, it can end up as a bitter court battle. However, you have tools that can help you deal with your spouse and the surrounding issues as you prepare for your life post-divorce.

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