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Should you divorce for the sake of the kids?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | Divorce

The decision to divorce is often a very difficult one, made even more so when the couple has children. While many couples in Tennessee struggle with the idea that they should stay together for the children, in some cases that might not be a good idea.

Struggling adult relationships can emotionally harm children

When the relationship between parents has broken down into a cycle of arguments, blame and resentment, even after therapy, children witness this and might begin struggling themselves. Some of the ways children might be affected include:

  • Blaming themselves for their parents’ issues
  • Becoming insecure and fearful about their life and their family’s future
  • Learning that this type of non-functional relationship is normal

Divorce can provide positive changes in the children’s lives

While divorce is hard on all involved, it can also bring positive changes to the children’s lives. When parents decide to end their marriage, they can limit the confrontations between them, and the children’s exposure to fighting decreases. Divorce can result in stable home environments where the children can interact with each parent in a calm, loving way. Providing such an environment is vital to raising emotionally stable, healthy children.

Benefits for the adults can also help the children

As divorce provides each spouse with the space to grow and seek fulfillment outside of the combative relationship, it also means that each parent will be in a better emotional space to interact with their children. Divorce can also help parents succeed with their co-parenting duties, as they can now focus on raising their children instead of on the past hurts and issues they had between them.

Divorce is not an easy answer to a couple’s problems. However, if you and your spouse have tried to work out your issues and have not succeeded, and you want to avoid further affecting the children, ending your marriage might be the best choice to make.

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