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Social media troubles after car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2023 | Car Accidents

A car accident could leave victims reeling from physical injuries and mental trauma. Even a minor accident on a Tennessee road can cause significant harm to the victims. It is often recommended to take legal action after a collision to recover losses incurred from the incident. What might not be advisable is venting on social media or discussing the case.

Social media and public disclosures

Anything posted on social media could become evidence in a court case related to the car accident. Insurance investigators may also prove social media to uncover information. In cases where someone sustains a genuine injury, those who refuse to compensate for the damages could use a video of the plaintiff engaging in physical activity to discredit their claim. Such a video could weaken the case by implying that the person is not as seriously injured as alleged.

It’s important to be aware that private messages, such as direct messages, may be used as evidence in court. This means that private conversations could potentially be subpoenaed. Also, investigators could use fake profiles to befriend someone to uncover information. So, prudence seems advisable when using social media in auto accident litigation.

Social media risks

Others may choose to vent on social media and publicly attack those responsible for car accidents. This is not a good idea as it could result in legal consequences. A judge could hold someone in contempt of court or even charge them with witness intimidation. Not discussing the case online might be the best option for those hoping to avoid trouble.

A successful lawsuit or insurance settlement could provide injury victims with much-needed compensation. Anything that hurts the cause could make it harder to receive a settlement that covers lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation and more.

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