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Concussion treatment after car accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2023 | Car Accidents

Car accidents in Tennessee can cause a wide variety of debilitating medical conditions. One of these is a concussion. These brain-related episodes are common and often heal on their own. But anyone who experiences a concussion still needs to take steps in order to minimize damage and prevent future incidents.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a medical episode caused by the brain bouncing off of the walls of the skull. This trauma is often the result of car accidents where the head hits the windshield of a car or another object. The impact of the brain against the head can cause bleeding or swelling in severe cases. In most instances, it is less severe but can still cause serious symptoms, such as dizziness, memory problems, and the loss of consciousness. Concussion symptoms can linger for weeks and can become substantially worse if they are compounded by another concussion soon after the first incident.

How to treat concussions

The most important step to take when recovering from a concussion is to try and prevent further trauma. Concussions become particularly severe when they are followed by more serious incidents of head trauma. Sufferers need to be careful and take extra steps to protect their heads in the hours, days, and weeks after a concussion. They should not drive home from their accidents but have a friend or professional drive them.

In addition, anyone suffering from concussion symptoms should take medication to relieve those symptoms that will not increase the risk of brain bleeds. They should stay away from blood thinners and NSAID pain relievers. Rest, relaxation, and caution are the three ways in which a concussion sufferer can help the healing process and get back to normal after a car accident.

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