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Getting ready for a divorce as an empty nester in Tennessee

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2023 | Divorce

Married couples in Tennessee can go through many challenges. Couples with children might struggle to get along when their young ones grow up and move out. As any parent knows, raising children takes time and energy. Due to new feelings or ones harbored for many years, married couples sometimes divorce after their children move away.

Consider counseling or therapy

Every relationship has challenges. Sometimes, the stress and heartache of not having your children around can cause temporary struggles. However, a divorce might not be what helps solve a marriage’s problems. Counseling or therapy sessions may help improve a marriage’s rough patches.

Discussing the marital home

Many divorcing couples share a marital home. Marital homes are understandable concerns in many divorces. Fortunately, you and your soon-to-be former spouse have options. One spouse can buy out the other person’s share of this property. You and your ex-spouse can choose to sell the empty nest home after fully paying it off. A less drastic solution could be to sell a paid-off home and downsize into something smaller.

Changing a relationship’s nature

When a home becomes an empty nest, married couples sometimes find the nature of their relationships changing. One or both parties in a marriage may want to move out of their shared home while maintaining this relationship. Sometimes, empty nesters feel that separation is the best option while a couple decides what they want to do about their relationship.

Choosing whether or not to divorce is a personal decision. However, regardless of whether you’re filing for divorce or received divorce papers, no one should stay in a marriage that makes them unhappy.

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