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When only one spouse wants a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce is hard for many Tennessee families, and they face more significant challenges when one spouse contests. Disputes over child custody, marital assets, spousal support and spite result in delays and refusal to participate in the dissolution process. Greater compromise, separation agreements and cooler heads often bring closure during divorce proceedings. Many marriages undergo a grieving process, which takes time for each party to adapt to their new life outside the union.

Reconsidering the commitment is an alternative to divorce for bewildered spouses, allowing them to address their differences and rebuild their marriage. When reconciliation is not an option, both spouses benefit from finding the most respectful way to separate.

Compassion and understanding

The dissolution of a marriage affects the people involved differently. Anger, grief, guilt and shame result in a power struggle over the division of assets. It’s wise for the spouse wanting the dissolution to show compassion and empathy to the other. Making concessions about the finances and custody agreements can help the dissenting spouse come to terms. Most people agree that once a marriage fails, divorce is inevitable.

Financial expectations

If the spouse opposing the breakup depends entirely on the spouse initiating the dissolution, it’s essential FOR THE SPOUSE who has provided the support to approach future financial matters with kindness and consideration. Offering increased financial support and housing stability long-term might yield greater compliance. A few extra dollars can be the path to freedom for one spouse and the ability to let go for the other one.

Separation agreement

Agreeing to separate housing allows each party to adapt to the new living situation. Each party can adjust to separate scheduling, child custody arrangements and divided assets.

Dissolving a marriage is an emotional undertaking, requiring care, compassion and sensitivity. Working together in harmony can foster a cooperative atmosphere. If children are involved, showing kindness can help them process the separation in a healthy and beneficial manner.

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