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Handling divorce mediation with a difficult spouse

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Divorce

Most divorces in Tennessee must undergo mediation. But if your spouse is bitter or uncooperative, it may make an already tough process much worse. You might be able to manage the situation more efficiently by adopting the right mindset and giving the following suggestions some thought.

Seek to understand

Divorce is emotionally draining, making it difficult to see beyond your own experience. Think about the challenges you are facing right now, such as your fears, concerns and desire for control. Even if they don’t seem to be, your spouse may be going through the same things that you are.

They may also be grappling with other personal issues or need more time to process things. The way you approach negotiations may change after understanding their perspective. You do not have to concede to all their demands, but practicing open and honest communication may help you find common ground.

Stay calm and reasonable

While you may have disagreements, you do not have to spend your energy on all of them. Deciding which issues are worth discussing and which ones you can let go of can help make your sessions more productive.

Naturally, staying calm in the face of personal attacks can be difficult. However, mirroring your spouse’s behavior by being angry or uncooperative will not benefit either of you. Instead of acting rashly and potentially escalating tensions, consider responding intentionally. Take a deep breath and count to ten before saying or doing anything. This can give you time to react appropriately.

Take a time-out when you need it

Sometimes, the best action is to take a break. You can ask the mediator for a time-out if things are getting heated. Having that space and time alone can allow you to breathe, reassess your priorities and come back without your emotions clouding your judgment. If you need to, use this as an opportunity to seek legal advice.

Exercising patience and empathy throughout divorce mediation in Tennessee can be taxing. However, knowing that a fair resolution is within reach may provide you strength. The guidance of an experienced divorce attorney during this time may help you advocate for your interests without turning each mediation session into a battle.

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