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How identity theft can lead to fraudulent crimes on your record

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Each state can have varying laws to address criminal offenses, but those with prior convictions often receive harsher penalties, even for the most minor violations. However, some individuals may already have convictions on their record despite not committing any crimes because of criminal identity theft.

In these incidents, an unsuspecting person can receive notices or summons for a crime linked to them, even if they had nothing to do with it. This scenario happens when another person accessed and used their identity when law enforcement took them in for a criminal offense.

The challenges of criminal identity theft

There are many ways to monitor a person’s finances to detect signs of identity theft. Most money-related incidents can leave traces on statements and reports, making them easier to detect. Criminal identity theft usually poses more challenges because victims remain unaware until they encounter an opportunity to check their criminal record.

It can happen after authorities pull them over and take them in for traffic violations or other minor charges. Without similar events, the victim may only find out after receiving a notice from the court for the fraudulent crimes. Addressing this type of fraud can also be difficult, considering how the offense may have happened long ago or out of state.

Knowing what to do about criminal identity theft

Individuals may worry about the situation when faced with unfamiliar convictions on record. If someone could impersonate using the stolen information, they may have committed other types of fraud with the same details. In these instances, seeking legal counsel can be helpful. Experienced insight can help determine the appropriate ways to address fraudulent crimes and other legal issues that may arise from the circumstances.

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