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Review the holiday parenting schedule today

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Child Custody

Dealing with your ex on child custody matters might not be at the top of things that you want to have to do for the next few years or longer. Just ignoring your ex isn’t going to provide your child with the benefits of having parents who can get along in a civil manner.

One of the most difficult things that you will have to do is to work with your ex on the child custody schedule. While doing this during most of the year can be a challenge, it is even more so during the holiday season.

The parenting schedule in the child custody order is the backbone of your arrangement. This doesn’t mean that it won’t need to change from time to time. If you and your ex can work on these changes together, you might soon realize that your children reap the benefits of this.

During the holiday season, families plan events. Your child might enjoy seeing the family members on your side of the family and your ex’s side. Making this happen might mean that you and your ex need to work together to set a schedule. It might mean that you need to have the children when they should be with the other parent or that person has them when they should be with you.

Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t too far away. You don’t have much time to sort through any schedule changes that need to be made. Now is the time to review the calendar and the custody schedule to determine what, if any, changes or confirmations you need to make for the upcoming holiday season.

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