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Co-parenting with passive-aggressive tendencies is difficult

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Child Custody

When you are co-parenting a child, you and your ex need to work closely together to make the child’s life as stable as possible. There are some actions that might make this difficult. One of these is when one co-parent begins to act in a passive-aggressive manner.

Trying to decipher the behavior and communication for a person who is being passive aggressive is complex. Oftentimes, the person has been behaving in this manner for so long that he or she doesn’t even realize he or she is doing it.

Because passive aggressive people tend to shy away from conflict, they might procrastinate and try to stay away from the situation. This isn’t going to resolve anything and could lead to the situation festering and becoming worse over time. Instead of trying to ignore that there is something wrong, you should be willing to meet the challenge head-on.

If you are the person who is being passive aggressive, you need to take steps to come out of the negative behaviors that are keeping you there. Learning to recognize the signs early might help you as time progresses. This also gives you a chance to address the issue before it causes even more strife in your co-parenting relationship.

Are you are thinking about how you can improve your passive-aggressive behavior? This is something that can help you considerably, especially when you are dealing with someone who can bring the worst out in you quickly.

A detailed child custody agreement might help you in these cases. You can outline everything possible so that you know where to turn if there are any issues that come up down the road.

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