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Help your child with their relationship with your ex

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Child Custody

Dealing with their parents’ divorce is something that’s challenging for most children. They might worry about how they will be able to spend time with both adults. While this is easy in some cases, there are instances in which one parent might not be around as much as they’d like. This can make the situation difficult for children who were accustomed to having both parents around a lot.

The parent who is with the child on a consistent basis can help out considerably in this case if they’re able to help foster the relationship between the kids and the absent parent. This is typically in the child’s best interests since it’s beneficial for them to have a relationship with both parents. The only time this might not be a good idea is when there is abuse or addiction present.

There are several ways that you might be able to help boost the relationship between the child and your ex. One of the first things that you might need to do is to let the child know that you want them to have a relationship with the other parent. Some children worry that they’ll have to take sides in these matters, but this shouldn’t ever be the case.

You can help the child to feel more secure about that relationship by asking about the things they’re doing with the other parent. Don’t do this as a way to find out what’s going on. Instead, focus on helping the child to see the fun they’re having with that parent.

Make sure that you’re encouraging communication when the child is with you. This can be done via phone calls, virtual visits and similar methods. These might be covered in the parenting plan, so be sure that you know what terms are included there.

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