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What should you do after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | Car Accidents

Be careful after a car crash

Car accidents are unfortunately a common event in Tennessee. However, despite how traumatizing a collision may be, after it happens, it’s important for the driver as well as any passengers to take the correct steps. What you do after a crash can help shape your future both health-wise and financially.

The dangers of car accidents

Despite how commonplace car accidents may seem to be, they still destroy lives every single day. This certainly includes physical injuries that one may endure after the impact. These injuries can result in permanent disability, and they may even end your life. Such injuries include things like:

• Back injuries

• Blunt trauma

• Broken bones and fractures

• Concussions

• Internal bleeding

• Knee injuries

• Lacerations

• Neck injuries

• Nerve damage

• Spinal injuries

• Whiplash

If not immediately treated, many of these crash-related injuries can result in serious long-term harm. Many can even cause death. While the financial damage done to property can be high, the cost in regards to things, like surgeries, treatment, therapy, medical equipment, drugs and more, can be much higher and last for an entire lifetime

How to avoid mistakes after a crash

Sadly, many people make mistakes after an accident that put them in a worse predicament than if they had better foresight. To avoid such mistakes, you should always perform the following actions after a car crash:

• Call 9-1-1 for emergency medical assistance no matter what shape you are in.

• Apply first aid but do not unnecessarily move anyone who’s injured until help arrives.

• Report the accident to the police.

• Report the accident to your insurance company.

• Take photos and video of the scene of the crash, the vehicles and any injuries.

• Obtain testimony and contact information from witnesses.

• Go to the hospital immediately.

• Retain medical records regarding your injuries.

Taking these steps should help ensure a greater chance of everyone’s survival and recovery after a car accident. Other steps will help protect your financial future. Overall, try to keep a clear head after a crash, because the actions you take after one matter.

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