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How Tennessee parents can discuss divorce with their children


Parents who have decided to get a divorce should have a few tips prepared for informing their children of the change.

When it comes to divorce, couples not only have to think about themselves and each other, they also have to think of any children involved in the equation. While divorcing Tennessee parents already have a lot on their plates and might want to put off telling their kids for as long as possible, it is usually best to let them know ASAP what is going on to avoid confusion and get ahead of any issues that arise. Having tips on had for breaking the news is sure to come in handy.

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Keep things simple

No matter the parents’ reasons for their divorce, the best move is to only inform their children they are getting a divorce without going into too many details that might lead kids to think they are somehow at fault for their parents divorcing. It is also good if both parents tell their children together. Additionally, it is better to tell all the kids at the same time.

Not every child reacts the same

While it is undoubtedly true that parents know their children, they might not have a solid idea of how they will react upon learning mom and dad are getting a divorce. Parents should let their kids feel however they feel, even if those feelings might not necessarily make sense to kids or their parents. Over time, both parents and their children can talk things out further to see how everyone is processing the news and if everyone is dealing in a healthy and productive way; proper child support is just as emotional as it is financial.

Let kids know they are loved and that the divorce is not their fault

It should be made crystal clear to kids that they had no part to play in the divorce and that both parents love them and always will. Sometimes, children feel their behavior contributed to the divorce and that their behavior can reverse their parents’ decision to get a divorce. It is also a good idea to let kids know whether they will move, if they will live with and see both parents, how often they will see both parents and whether they have to change schools.

Be prepared for questions

Because children are naturally inquisitive, divorcing parents should be prepared and willing to honestly answer any questions children have. While some answers might be hard to give, being evasive can lead to confusion.

Even though parents divorcing in Tennessee should most certainly put their children first, they cannot forget about themselves. Talking with a divorce attorney about the best way to proceed with a divorce (no matter how amicable) is always a solid idea.

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