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Ways to talk to your fiancee about a prenup in Tennessee


Tennessee couples planning to tie the knot may want to consider signing a prenup. Learning how to broach the subject is essential.

It is a true joy to find someone whom you connect with on a deep emotional level and who understands you. It is even better when that person wants to marry you. What you or your fiancé may not consider equally joyous is signing a prenuptial agreement. Anyone who soon plans on marrying in Tennessee may have trouble bringing up the topic of a prenup with her or his partner. Thankfully, there is a way to do so without making the agreement (or the marriage proposal) come across as an unintended insult.

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Speak with the right legal professional

It is best to put together a prenup with the help of a legal professional well-experienced in such matters. Doing so better guarantees that the agreement works out for the best for all parties involved. Additionally, legal professionals can offer you more tips on how you can help your betrothed understand why signing a prenup is best for you both.

Talk about the agreement earlier rather than later

Nervousness can lead you to put off bringing up the prenuptial agreement until closer to the wedding. While understandable, this can leave your partner feeling blindsided. Think about it: With so much to plan for a wedding, bringing up the prenup at the last minute can make your partner feel pressured to sign the agreement as quickly as possible. Putting the conversation on the table ASAP gives your significant other time to think about the agreement and everything contained in it. Such consideration benefits both of you and the future of your relationship.

Know what matters most to your partner

While thinking about what to say when you bring up the prenup, frame the conversation according to what is most important to your fiancé. For instance, your partner may have a business that he or she has put a lot of time, energy and money into. Should the two of you split later on, your soon-to-be spouse may prefer to retain as many assets as possible, something made easier when the two of you enter into a prenup.

Remember that no relationship lasts forever

Even if you and your spouse-to-be never have to consider splitting, the fact remains that no marriage lasts forever. When one of you passes, having a signed prenup can make the transition easier for whoever remains.

Realize that prenups help the lower-earning spouse, too

Prenups are not just for the wealthy. On the contrary, prenup terms can help a lesser-earning spouse transition to life as a single person should a couple decide to divorce.

Sitting down with a legal professional in Tennessee is not just for those planning to dissolve their marriage. No matter if couples are entering or exiting a marriage, the proper legal framework can make shared and separated lives alike easier.

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