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Get An Aggressive Lawyer On Your Side When Charged With A Repeat Offense DUI

Tennessee laws impose strict penalties upon repeat drunk drivers in an effort to prevent future offenses. If you have been charged with a repeat-offense DUI, it is important to consult an attorney as quickly as possible. Doing so may improve your chances of avoiding or limiting the severe penalties resulting from a conviction for a second offense, third offense, or fourth and subsequent offense.

The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones has represented clients in criminal courts for more than 35 years. Mr. Jones’ courtroom experience, combined with his extensive knowledge of Tennessee DUI laws and police procedures, provides the strong defense you need when fighting charges for a repeat-offense DUI.

If you have multiple DUI charges, you need an attorney skilled in multiple-DUI defense. Contact our office today at +1-901-410-5751 .

Watch Out For Penalties For Repeat-Offense DUI Convictions

Currently, under Tennessee law, repeat DUI convictions carry much stiffer penalties than a first-offense conviction.

  • Second offense: Individuals convicted of a second-offense DUI face up to $3,500 in fines, a two-year license suspension and a minimum of 45 days in jail.
  • Third offense: A third DUI conviction carries a fine up to $10,000, license suspension lasting up to six years and a minimum 120-day jail term.
  • Fourth offense: Individuals convicted of a fourth-offense DUI or higher face felony charges. The minimum penalties for a fourth offense conviction include a fine up to $15,000 and a minimum of 150 days in jail. The felony conviction may also result in the loss of several rights, including the right to purchase a firearm, vote and obtain a passport.

‘Will I Lose My License?’ We’ll Fight To Help You Keep It.

Memphis area prosecutors and judges take an aggressive stance against individuals charged with repeat-offense DUI. This stance, combined with Tennessee DUI minimum sentencing laws, makes it likely that you will lose your license if convicted.

Our staff works diligently to help you avoid license suspension, or to limit the length of the suspension.

‘How Can I Reinstate My License?’ Get Answers Now.

Reinstating your license after a DUI conviction can be difficult. In some cases, you must wait until your suspension period is over. It is possible, however, to obtain a restricted license by installing an ignition interlock device or by geographical restriction.

We will carefully review your case before offering advice on your options for reinstating your license after DUI revocation.

‘Is It Possible To Expunge Multiple DUI Offenses?’ Ask Sooner, Not Later.

Unfortunately, Tennessee laws make it difficult to expunge a repeat DUI offense, even if the charge is not a felony. This fact makes it important to fight the charge before a conviction occurs.

In many cases, a DUI conviction will remain on your record forever, although the more time that passes from your conviction date, the less likely it may be for the DUI to appear on a background check.

Discuss Your Case With A Bartlett DUI Defense Lawyer Today

If you have been charged with a repeat-offense DUI, do not wait to get an attorney involved. The sooner you retain legal counsel, the better your chances of presenting an effective defense.

At The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones, we rely upon our knowledge of Tennessee DUI laws and Memphis area courts and judges to offer aggressive defense to every client we serve. Call +1-901-410-5751 or contact us online to discuss your charges and learn how we can help.

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