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What are the behavior rules for attending divorce court?

Before heading to court for your divorce, ensure you do not end up in trouble with the judge by learning about proper courtroom behavior. Discover rules specific to Bartlett, TN.

The courtroom is a very stoic place. Regardless of what is happening in court that day, there are specific rules of behavior everyone attending should follow. When divorcing, a couple is not exempt to these rules. Following the court’s guidelines can make things easier on everyone and help attendees to avoid getting in trouble with the judge.

Proper Attire

The City of Bartlett explains when a person goes to court for a divorce, it is essential to dress appropriately. A courtroom is a place of business, so individuals should dress nicely.

The court does not require dressing in business attire, such as suits, but it does expect clean clothing that is modest in nature. A person should never wear tank tops or shirts that show the midriff. Shorts are also not appropriate. Skirts or dresses should be at the knee or below.

Individuals should also choose footwear carefully. Close-toed shoes are the best choices. Heel height should be modest.

A neat appearance is the expectation of the court. This includes tucking in shirts, not wearing offensive logos and wearing clothing that fits properly. Personal grooming should also be clean and neat.


Since the court is a serious place, a person should always act respectfully when in the room and on the premises. People should speak quietly when outside the room and remain quiet while proceedings are in order unless directed otherwise by the judge.

Individuals should not be disruptive. There should be no gum chewing, eating or drinking when in the courtroom. People should turn off all mobile devices. The Shelby County website also reminds people to not record audio or video while court is in session.

When addressing anyone in the courtroom, people should use formal titles and last names. It is also important for individuals to stand when addressing the judge unless told to do otherwise.

It is a good idea for people to consult their divorce attorneys about what to expect in the courtroom. The attorney should be able to answer any questions to ensure the court hearing goes smoothly.

The rules in a courtroom are all about respect. While a divorce is a highly emotional situation, it will not help anyone if participants do not abide by the courtroom rules. Most divorce attorneys, such as The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones, will prepare clients to go to court and explain behavior and attire expectations.

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