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Co-parenting Considerations during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Co-parenting can be difficult even in the best of times. Focusing on the well-being of your children during COVID-19 can certainly simplify the process of co-parenting when stress levels are high for everyone involved.

Figuring out how to share custody with your ex can be a challenge. From logistics to temper tantrums from the kids, the task of co-parenting isn’t always an easy one. Add COVID-19 into the mix, and you may experience a bit more stress than usual, particularly if the two of you aren’t on the same page about co-parenting in the first place. Here are several tips that can help you get through this unprecedented time in the world with as much grace as possible while doing your best to co-parent successfully.

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Discuss Your Feelings about COVID-19 with Your Ex

While you may not be on the same page regarding COVID-19 , it is important to sit down and discuss the topic. Knowing what each of you believes and how you both feel about the topic is going to make it easier to figure out how to navigate treacherous waters.

Keep the Safety of Your Children at the Top of Your List

The well-being and safety of your children should be first and foremost in every decision that you make. COVID-19 shouldn’t make a difference in that regard. In many situations, the pandemic is making life and co-parenting more challenging. However, keeping the primary focus on the safety of your children should make it easier to see how to react to each new challenge or decision regarding co-parenting. It is possible that you may need to see your lawyer to modify your custody arrangement in order to keep your kids safe.

Maintain Compliancy with Court Orders

Even if you plan to modify the custody agreement but haven’t done so, both parents still need to follow the terms set forth in the custody agreement. If you fail to comply with the rules during COVID-19 , you risk facing legal charges.

Practice Flexibility

Making decisions together is one of the easiest ways to maintain a friendly attitude during tough times. Practicing flexibility in this decision-making process should enable both parents to spend time with the children. One of the changes employers have made due to COVID-19 is to stagger employee hours. It is possible that this scenario causes a disruption in the normal custody schedule. Practicing compassion with each other and showing a willingness to compromise can be all that it takes to keep a smile on everyone’s face.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

One of the most difficult tasks you may have during the pandemic is the need to keep your children close to home. Try to be honest without scaring your children and tell them why it is necessary for them to spend more time at home these days. It is just as important to allow their voices to be heard, so they can tell you how they feel. Open communication allows you to address their emotional needs, an important aspect of parenting during any situation.

Stick to a Routine

Keeping to a routine is important not only for the adults but for the children as well. Doing so helps make the world less scary for everyone involved.

If you need help managing your co-parenting strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic, think about contacting your lawyer. An outside opinion may be the only thing needed to get back on the right track.

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