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Divorcing couples in Tennessee must understand how to live together

Tennessee’s divorcing couples living together must learn tips and insights to maintain their sanity while moving on to the next chapter of life.

Sometimes, divorcing couples continue living together in their marital home in Tennessee for their shared children, to protect their financial health or for other reasons. No matter the circumstances keeping divorcing spouses under the same roof, they must understand how to coexist with a minimum of fuss and frustration. A few tips help keep the peace.

Maintain the lines of communication

Just as a couple must communicate during a marriage, the same applies while living together during divorce. A contentious divorce may sow seeds of discord and contempt and make a couple unwilling to communicate with each other. Even then, technology offers several ways for soon-to-be-ex-spouses to get on the same page regarding the children, finances, household chores and legal matters. Email and text messages written in a business-like manner that present facts without emotion often help keep the peace.

Let the children in on the news

Divorcing parents should let their children know about their new living arrangement. How much information they share depends on the child’s age. Simply stating that mom and dad feel more comfortable sleeping in separate rooms may suffice. Children often notice such changes in the household; not knowing the meaning behind them may leave them confused and worried.

Figure out finances

Even while dissolving a marriage, couples must keep up with bill payments and other financial obligations. The bill-paying strategy used during the marriage may work during divorce, or it may become necessary to work out a new arrangement. No matter what a couple decides, neither party should make sweeping financial changes or major purchases without consulting the other person first.

Use a calendar

As part of keeping the lines of communication open during divorce proceedings, spouses should use a calendar. With it, they may schedule child pickups and drop-offs, personal and work trips, bill due dates and anything else worth sharing with the other person.

Take care of oneself

Life comes with enough stress on its own, but dissolving a marriage brings an additional layer of mental and emotional upheaval. Those navigating divorce must make time to engage in self-care. Engaging in hobbies, spending time with friends, exercising, eating healthy foods and seeing a mental health specialist are all helpful strategies for staying lifted and motivated during a time of crisis and uncertainty.

Those wading through a divorce may need further help from experienced professionals in Tennessee. Contacting a legal representative for more tips may help ease the psychological burden and start the next chapter of life on the right foot.

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