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Understanding why some separated Tennessee couples stay married

Sometimes, it makes more sense for Tennessee couples to divorce rather than remain separated. Knowing reasons to stay separated helps spouses make educated choices.

Just as marriage comes with complications, the same applies to divorce and legal separation. Rather than go through with a divorce, some Tennessee couples remain legally separated. Those weighing their options between separating, divorcing and trying to work out their marriage deserve to understand the nuances of dissolving a marriage and the advantages of remaining separated.


If one spouse has better dental or health insurance than the other, they may separate but remain legally married. The same applies if the couple’s children benefit from one spouse’s coverage. Rather than searching for affordable insurance premiums from reputable providers, looking for a plan that offers the same protections and switching providers, it could make more financial sense to separate rather than end the marriage.


Some couples do not have the money to divorce, so they stay separated. Aside from the actual cost of dissolving a marriage, spouses must also think about whether they have the financial resources to cover the mortgage and homeownership costs if one of them wishes to remain in the marital home.

Some couples get married in different countries. If they do and want to divorce, they may need to travel to that country to make their split official, which costs money a couple may not have.


Touching back on the marital home, some couples delay divorce until the partner who wants the marital home has the financial resources to afford it. Spouses may need to wait until the fixed rate on their home loan ends, which could take years.


Some couples are not in a hurry or do not have time to end their marriage, so they stay separated. This could happen if spouses remain on good terms during their separation, move to different states or do not demand a divorce from each other. Even if they wish to divorce eventually, they may not prioritize it.


When separated spouses do not plan to get married again, they may remain wed, but separated. They could compare the cost and work involved with divorcing and decide it makes more financial sense to keep their marriage intact.


When couples divorce, they must think about their filing status as divorced taxpayers, how child support and alimony affect their taxes, and how divorce affects their withholding at work. Instead of investing that time and energy, they could save time, energy and money staying married.

Tennessee couples who do not resonate with the above reasons could benefit from divorcing rather than separating. Speaking with a legal advocate could help them make the most favorable choice for their separate lives.

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